When I began working with Deb, I thought my issue was organization. Logistical concerns dominated my mind and caused me tremendous stress. Through my work with her, she drew out the emotional underpinnings of what was happening and helped me to see things in a very different light. Deb provided space for my conflicting emotions about creativity to emerge and resolve themselves, with a collaborative push or two from both of us. I would recommend this work for anyone struggling with motivation, creativity, resistance, or simply to improve general life satisfaction.
— Ridge Cresswell - New York

I am passionate about sharing tools and methods that help strengthen grounded presence and sharply focus purpose. I strategize with people like you who are creative, entrepreneurial and interested in exponential achievement.  

The Strategy is Threefold:

  • Meditation - Knowing where you are
  • Recovery - Knowing who you are
  • Generosity - Knowing how you are

Meditation    Developing a simple daily practice of connecting with your inner wisdom is crucial today. Meditation is the most effective way to train the mind and has been the secret sauce for world shakers and purpose driven leaders for 2600 years. If you don't know how to meditate, I will teach you.

Recovery    We will define what  blocks exist that might keep puling you out of the game and strategize a way to break through them for good.  Recovery means recovering who you really are underneath the rubble of old habits, outdated behaviors or false beliefs. I will guide you.

Generosity   There is no such thing as a solo expedition.  Generosity is an attitude of appreciation for all the seen and unseen forces that help you get where you are going. Success is when you have a developed, intentional strategy for giving to your communities and the world. I will help you.