I help you define and design your life for success on your terms.

It feels like a long time ago that I found myself longing for my mojo. There's a fine line between a groove and a rut and my tires were just spinning. I had no idea how to achieve the happiness I was looking for. I was working crazy hours for the highest profile team in major league baseball, I was partying like a rock star with rock stars and I was living in the coolest city in the world. On paper I had it made. But I was lonely, sad and deeply unfulfilled. How could this be? I was playing by the rules, wasn't I? Then someone looked me straight in the eye and said:

"You always win the game you are playing."

Oh. Well. Crap. If THIS is winning then I'd better create a new game. 

I did. It worked. People ask me how. I share.

MEDITATION TRAINING - You will develop a solid meditation practice that is easy, fun and rewarding. Your meditation practice will effectively generate the clarity, focus and vision you need to create and maintain a life you love. 

RECOVERY GUIDANCE - You define what recovery means to you. For some it means pushing aside mind altering substances, for others it simply means digging up, recovering and reminding yourself of who you are. It involves stripping away unnecessary layers that might be clouding your authenticity. You will get back to the core of who you are and what you want. 

CREATIVITY COACHING - You receive leveraged methodology of The Desire Map, The Fire Starter Sessions and The Artist's Way to help you get to who you are as a creator in this world. Whether you are a fine artist or not you have agency of the creation of your life. Your life is your greatest work of art.