Coach for Recovering Life

I am passionate about sharing my threefold method to help people get stronger, happier and to thrive in a recovered life. I strategize with people like you who are creative, entrepreneurial and interested in exponential achievement to live a life beyond their wildest dreams.

Meditation - I will help you establish a simple daily practice of connecting with your inner wisdom, compassion and navigation system. Meditation is the most effective way to train the mind and has been the secret sauce for world shakers and purpose driven leaders for 2600 years. Most importantly it is the most effective way to calm the reactive mind and curb craving. I know you want to meditate, I will teach you how.

Recovery - I will help you define what  blocks exist that might keep puling you out of the game and strategize a way to break through them for good. Fluent in multiple models of recovery support, we use what resonates with and empowers you. Recovery means "recovering" who you really are underneath the rubble of old habits, outdated behaviors or false beliefs. I will guide you through.

Generosity - There is no such thing as a solo expedition.  Generosity is an attitude of appreciation for all the seen and unseen forces that continue to help you get where you are going. Success always includes a developed, intentional strategy for giving back to your communities and the world. I will help you plan.